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Love Freely but PAY for SEX

This feature length mock documentary film, written, directed & produced by Phoenix James, follows a rogue British independent film & TV production group, with no prior film making or television production experience, armed with a handful of very mouthy and persuasive male and female amateur journalists & presenters who spread themselves out across London pursuing the general public, media personalities and various members of authority to lay themselves bare and open up on their views about a new impending Government led Pay for Sex Policy that will soon affect the whole of Great Britain and the EU.

The film is comprised of both talking head interviews and character driven dramatisations and are the result of the production group’s recorded work on the subject so far. Their overall collective aim in making and showcasing this film is not only to create awareness among those who may be unaware but also to stimulate further dialogue among those who are.

Their work to uncover, document and highlight more information about the Pay for Sex Policy is ongoing.


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